Huhu😀, to all those who are still undecided to entrust themselves to this treatment method, they work incredibly in a very short time 👍 what happens in the body even with remote treatment, I am happy to have chosen this way and to know that I can turn to Peter again, if body and mind play tricks on me again, I can only say THANK YOU 🙏 again and again THANK YOU 🙏 THANK YOU 🙏 Peter



It's now time to address a few lines to Peter. I read your contact while driving towards Ribnitz. In the last few years I've done a lot to deal with this damned tinnitus.
The day came and I decided to go to the clinic, so I got on the phone and made an appointment. What can I expect there I asked myself?
And I came to a wonderful practice that radiated peace and serenity.
My heart beat faster, I saw BOSE a very good audio manufacturer.
Don't believe how good music is for the brain !!!!
Your way of working with people is wonderful, perfect and couldn't be better.
Now to the treatment, I am such a person who finds it very difficult to let go and relax.
You have managed to soften me with your power and energy.
There are energies that work everywhere - that is, CRIBS, starting from the toes to the head, sometimes I don't have the words to describe it even better
I am optimistic that I will get some healing - relief for my tinnitus.
Can only recommend to try it yourself and work actively with .

Even if it sounds strange – I wish You to continue to have a lot of work and many patients.

A SUPER THANK YOU from your patient Horst ( Ossy Neumann )


I would like to thank Peter from the bottom of my heart! Fate brought us together! We actually only wanted to photograph a stork's nest when I saw Peter's sign and spontaneously said: I really want to go to him ... there were many skeptics in my circle of friends when I reported that Peter could even give me an appointment at short notice. What can I soon as I walked into his rooms and saw him, I felt a great sense of trust and security...I took photos of my foot before and after the treatment. I want everyone to see it!!! No doctor could help me and I could only go small ways with strong I enjoy the walks with our dog again and can only say THANK YOU...and all skeptics are impressed!!! And I love life again...


I would like to tell you again, in more detail, about my medical history and the great success after the sessions with Healer Peter! 27 years ago I had a serious fire in my apartment, caused by a faulty plug! It was 3 o'clock at night. I couldn't get out of the apartment and tore open the window to call for help, nobody could help me...and it was much worse because of the oxygen, but I was under the roof and nobody could get through to me, the fire department couldn't get through...because of a parking offender...when it became unbearable. I tore open the window, took a running start and jumped 14 meters down, the window slammed shut again and I jumped through the pane...I severed half my lower leg in the process...and only woke up 3 months later...those were terrible years, thanks to my twin sister and family...I regained the courage to face life...but for a few months I had such bad pain that I could only walk very short distances with lots of!!!! The doctors had been at a loss for some time and were talking about amputation...then fate came to my aid...I saw an advertising sign for the healer Peter by chance and felt that I wanted to go to him....And all my expectations were exceeded!Peter is very sympathetic and you feel immediately!in good hands!His calm, encouraging so helpful!Now the sessions are a few weeks ago and a remote treatment...I am infinitely grateful and walk my old, long distances, pain-free!!!! And enjoy it and say thank you to the heavens!That you have led me to Peter...I would like to have the photos published because they really successful everything was...they say more than many words...THANK YOU!

Yvonne Weimann from Lübeck


Now 2 months have passed since my first session with Peter ...Here is another addendum!
I went to the angiologist in 2015....then the blood circulation in my left foot was somewhat restricted and he expected it to increase steadily I went to this angiologist the week before last for a check-up. He was almost speechless...the blood circulation is even a little better than in 2015! Thank you Peter! I know that I have you to thank for it...the foot is light and the pain much much better.....Yvonne W. from Lübeck

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